Monday, September 19, 2011

Conducting Music and Playing the Piano

Instead of having the same girls conduct music and play the piano every week, we've decided to give everyone an opportunity to do so. Everyone will take turns conducting music. The girls that can play the piano, will take turns doing so. We hope you're all up for the challenge and willing to participate! Sister Hellstrom will be calling each Saturday to remind the girls who's turn it is to conduct/play piano. =D

Here is a list of names for the next Month:
September 25- Evelyn (conducting music)   Hannah (piano)
October 9-       Rachel (conducting music)   Carissa (piano)
October 16-     Sienna (conducting music)   Bethany (piano)
October 23-     Nikita (conducting music)    Valerie (piano)
October 30-     Melanie (conducting music) Mariah (piano)

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