Friday, November 11, 2011

November Events/Mutual Activities!

November 8- Wellness (Diet and Exercise) w/ Amanda Bentrim
                      Class Presidency Meeting, 6:15

November 12- Half Marathon Walk, 800 am

November 13- SED with Jamie Camarillo, 700 pm

November 15- Service Activity YM/YW, Lunch bags

November 29- "I'm grateful for you letters"

Monday, September 19, 2011

Conducting Music and Playing the Piano

Instead of having the same girls conduct music and play the piano every week, we've decided to give everyone an opportunity to do so. Everyone will take turns conducting music. The girls that can play the piano, will take turns doing so. We hope you're all up for the challenge and willing to participate! Sister Hellstrom will be calling each Saturday to remind the girls who's turn it is to conduct/play piano. =D

Here is a list of names for the next Month:
September 25- Evelyn (conducting music)   Hannah (piano)
October 9-       Rachel (conducting music)   Carissa (piano)
October 16-     Sienna (conducting music)   Bethany (piano)
October 23-     Nikita (conducting music)    Valerie (piano)
October 30-     Melanie (conducting music) Mariah (piano)

Upcoming Events!

September 20- Service Scavenger Hunt
September 27- Cooking with Apples

October 1-2- General Conference
October 4- Dallin's Eagle Project at the Seguine Home
October 11- Class Presidency Meeting, 615, Prepare for "This is your life Bishop!"
October 18- This is your life Bishop Davenport (It's a surprise, So don't tell Bishop!)
October 22- Multi-Stake Youth Dance @ Jarrettown Ward 700 pm 
October 25- Pumpkin Carving/Roast Pumpkin Seeds
October 29- Ward Halloween Party 530-830 pm
November 1- Young Women in Excellence 700 pm, Church Dress